Talent Management

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Different clients have different talent requirements; we design bespoke solutions and tools to suit each unique situation. At Rockpools we believe that talent is something special, that it is worth holding out for, nurturing and developing.

We apply advanced techniques for individuals and teams, to assess key behaviours, skills and competencies. The range of tools we use, which can be used independently or combined, include:

  • Personality questionnaires
  • In-tray exercises
  • Role-plays
  • Numerical and verbal reasoning
  • Situational judgement tests
  • Media interviews on a live topic of current interest
  • Coaching and training interventions
  • Mock panel interviews

Our occupational psychologists prepare bespoke reports to support and advise clients in their decision-making, whether for recruitment, corporate change or leadership development.

People who are moving up the ranks of an organisation often need support to build up their capabilities and confidence, with expert challenge in a secure environment. We offer coaching for individuals, with particular emphasis on communication and leadership styles, or training for small groups, focusing on management and strategic challenges.  Rockpools has particular strengths in helping to nurture the potential of individuals from groups (in gender, ethnicity and background) who are currently underrepresented at higher levels of organisations.

Our talent management clients have included banks, manufacturers, mining and minerals, government, universities and oil and gas companies

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