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Governments around the world are increasingly faced with new demands and expectations, within the context of tighter fiscal constraints, political turbulence and citizen expectations. The challenges are immense, at national, state, federal and local government levels. Governments of the future will need to adapt and continuously evolve to create value. They need to stay relevant by being responsive to these rapidly changing conditions and build capacity to operate effectively in complex, interdependent networks of organisations and systems across the public, private and non-profit sectors to co-produce public value.

Rockpools has built its reputation by working with clients to retain the talent, skills and expertise required  to deliver efficient and innovative services.  In a complex environment, governments at all levels are in the process of reform to re-design their structures and processes to deliver now and for the future.

With our extensive and deep networks at each level of Government we have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of current and future needs and directions.  This gives us the ability to find the talent that thrives in each sphere of Government; increasingly our work spans national boundaries, mobilising talent across borders.

Sample assignments include: Executive Director of the Major Projects Authority; Home Office, Director of Emergency Services Communications Programme; Chair, Board Members of the Parliamentary Standards Authority; Scottish Government, Director General, Environment & Enterprise; Chief Executive of the Rural Payments Agency; Local Government Boundary Commission, Board Members; Infrastructure Planning Commission, Board Members; OFWAT, Chair; Chief Fire Adviser, Communities & Local Government; National Housing Advice Planning Unit (CLG)

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