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Rockpools offers a strong partnership approach and fresh perspective to the recruitment of corporate and academic leaders in schools, colleges and universities. We also work with government and not for profit organisations delivering policy, regulation and professional services to the sector. Our insight and networks are diverse and agile, with a research-led approach that puts each client's unique needs to the forefront. We can source exceptional talent to lead an aspirational inner-city school, or to join the management team at a cutting-edge university competing in the international marketplace.

In today's knowledge economy, the interface between academic, political and commercial demands is increasingly complex.  Leadership in the education sector needs to be innovative and strategic, often with constrained resources, to develop sustainable responses.  At Rockpools, we place a premium on identifying talented individuals whose expertise, reputations and motivation fit your organisation's culture and ambitions, from the local to the global. where there is an intrinsic connection between academia, research, innovation and growth

Our clients include: Edinburgh Napier University, Sunderland University, Anglia Ruskin University, Simon Marks Jewish Primary School. We also work at the interface between education, government and industry with organisations such as the Technology Strategy Board and Grant Thornton LLP.

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