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Rockpools has an industry-leading reputation in economic development and inward investment. We have recruited leaders to government departments and agencies, special purpose vehicles and public-private joint ventures at the national, regional and local levels.  In the UK, we have worked with over 90% of development bodies established since the mid-1990s.

Our many years' experience has given us deep insight into the political, social, economic, physical and environmental challenges as well as search networks across the public and private sectors.  The candidates we source have a high-level combination of experience, often gained internationally, that enables them to bring the best of diverse commercial and policy expertise.  We recruit strategic executive and non-executive leaders as well as specialists in planning, construction, transport, asset management, project management, finance, communications and more.

The Rockpools team has worked with over 90% of the UK’s economic and urban development vehicles created over the past 12 years, at national, regional and sub-regional levels. We have recruited to Chief Executive, Chair and Corporate Director levels with organisations including:  Wokingham Enterprises Ltd (WEL); John Laing Urban Regeneration Vehicle, Croydon; Hull Forward; Plymouth City Development Company; NewcastleGateshead City Development Company; Thames Gateway; West Northamptonshire Development Corporation; English Partnerships; Homes and Communities Agency.

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